Dealing with Energy Issues

Met MastThe need for more renewable energy sources is greater than ever. Rising power prices, fears over security of supply and climate change have put the issue of energy high in everyone’s mind. National and regional authorities have acknowledged that renewable energy is an important solution to help meet the challenges of our modern lifestyle and its ever increasing energy demands. Scotland has set a target of 100% of electricity sourced from renewables by 2020. There is a lot that need to be done before this target is met!


Apart from the low carbon and energy security advantages that are felt on a national level, the wind farm could provide benefits to the local community as well.

The Scottish Government set the target of 500MW in the hands of communities by 2020 and while that target has already been achieved, it is simply the starting point for further partnerships. Infinergy acknowledges the possibilities of a win-win situation for communities and developers alike and would like to play a constructive role in empowering communities to get involved with Ardtaraig Wind Farm should they wish to. Infinergy has started discussions with the local community to investigate potential partnership opportunities.

Local Energy Scotland, ( a charity that specialises in renewable energy deployment by communities, is keen to see further community-developer partnerships and can assist local communities in setting up these partnerships.

Apart from community ownership, Infinergy is committed to community benefits associated with the proposal. We will be working with the local community to help determine the best kind of benefits for the area. Typically a wind farm has a life span of up to 25 years so we want to make sure the benefits attached to the development make a significant contribution to the community. If you have any ideas on how best to deliver community benefit, please get in touch.